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Sometimes painful things. Error messages and such. I’ll drop problems & solutions into this post moving forward so you can just Google ’em.

You’re welcome.

While ingesting JSON into Unifi: Failed to get file info for file <foo> on source: 2. status code: 500, detail: Unknown JSON format. Only files with single line JSON records are supported

The issue: Did you put your records into an array? Ala:

{record 1},
{record 2},

Don’t. Feed each record in individually, not as part of an array of rows:

{record 1}
{record 2}

The Data Steward (or other) role can’t see data while inside the Dataset Explorer – other roles can.

Unifi allows you “fine tune” what each role can and can’t see. This is true both for simple things like….

  • A particular role is allowed to see rows of data in Dataset Explorer (Default = true)

…and more complex things:

  • The Data Catalog Manager role can see and create Workflow

The former behavior is controlled by the flag “can_see_data” in the unifi table uf_role. The latter behavior is altered by a property/value pair stored in the ui_page_view column as part of a large chunk of text. Altering either is not especially encouraged or supported. In my case, can_see_data had been set to “false” for the Data Steward by someone I will need to track down and berate.



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