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Yes. You can leverage AWS’s Simple AD for authentication purposes.

Configuring same is pretty straight forward except for one wrinkle, which I’ll highlight below.

In this example, I’m telling Hub to leverage the throw-away AD domain “”, which is running on AWS.

Most of the suggested values work pretty well on LDAP Settings screen. Except for this one, which is the (Administrative) Username we need to sync with AD:

For whatever reason, using either of the suggestions (“username” or “cn=username,dc=somedomain,dc=someprefix”) doesn’t work. When testing these values, you’ll see this (“Bind to directory server failed, check your credentials”):

I stay intentionally stupid about directories in general, but the problem appears to be what we suggest as potential distinguished names. When I grab this value for the user I want to leverage, everything is happy.


So, the settings above are all you need to get Hub working quite happily with AWS Simple AD.

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