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Alternate title: A list of edge-case scenarios you will probably never run into, but that I’ll record anyway, just in case.

Data Catalog Displays 0 Rows For Crawled Tables


You load a bunch of your database tables (which you know contain rows), then observe them in the Data Catalog. The Data Catalog reports that 0 rows exist in your tables.

What’s going on:

Server.Next relies on table statistics to figure out how many rows are in each table – we don’t do something like SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TableName because that could impact perf on your database and make DBAs angry with us. Make sure you generated statistics on the tables in question (for example, on PostgreSQL, issue the ANALYZE command).

The Non-Sucking Service Manager

So, you’re spelunking through the Server.Next file system or maybe inside Service Manager seeing how the various Alteryx Analytics Hub services are launched. You notice references to nssm.exe and take a closer look:


Non-Sucking Service Manager

Next, you take a look at the file description, and see that it’s called the non-sucking service manager. Panic ensues, you think you’ve gotten some malware, spywire, or other piece of nastiness on your machine. 

Nope. Never fear. It’s legit. NSSM is public domain software, and it doesn’t suck. We use it to start and stop services. At some point I’m sure we’ll give it a slightly less…interesting sounding name and potentially change the icon. 

In the meantime, enjoy the humor.


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